GreenStar Elite Juicer [GSE 5000] Review

GreenStar Elite Juicer [GSE 5000] Review

GreenStar Elite Juicer [GSE 5000] Review

You want a new juicer, but you are not quite sure which one to get. How can you know which one best suits your requirements? 

There are so many juicers out there that are top-of-the-line, there is too much to choose from. New ones are coming out each day, with fantastic improvements that make your juicing easier and your juice better. 

GreenStar Elite Juicer [GSE 5000] Review

Let’s take a look at the impeccable GreenStar Elite Juicer and what it has to offer you. 

Introducing the GreenStar Elite Juicer. 

The GreenStar Elite Juicer is a sleek designed new and improved version of the Tribest’s GS Series. It is a sturdy triturating juicer that comes with large twin conical gears that rotate at 110 RPM which effectively reduces and minimalizes heat production as it works. 

As well as having an adjustable end cap, it also crushes, squeezes, and mixes your produce to extract a high volume of juice. Its complete mastication process removes juice while also preserving high levels of nutrients and vitamins in the juice that is extracted.  

Meanwhile, the dual stainless steel gears have magnets in them and they utilize bio-ceramic technology which pulls in nutrients and puts them into the juicer. 

This new design also has a fantastically simple latching system which means… no more knobs! 

This juicer also has a coarse and small holed juicing screen system, as well as a blank homogenizing screen, even more so, it has a breadstick/ mochi attachment piece too!

These extra attachments mean that you can turn it from a juice extractor into a super high-quality food processing machine. 

You can create everything from exquisite sorbets to breadsticks, nut butter, and even more.

There is no end to its abilities. You also have the option of purchasing an add-on pasta maker set, so that you can create your pasta. This attachment does not come included in the original purchase though. 

It also has an adjusting knob which increases its effectiveness when juicing soft fruits as well. 

GreenStar Elite Pros

The GreenStar Elite Juicer has some fantastic advantages that make it a fantastic juicer to use. It can do so much and works effectively, let’s find out why it is so favorable on a market so full of brilliant machines. 

  • Its construction makes it completely BPA-free. 
  • It has detachable cord storage for ease. 
  • It has extra functions that can be used for homogenizing and pasta making. 
  • In comparison to earlier models, the GreenStar Elite GSE 5000 is larger which adds even more extraction power. 
  • Its components are dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. 
  • A built-in handle provides easy transportation. 
  • It has a slow 110 RPM bio-ceramic technology that reduces the rate of oxidation to produce superior quality juice.
  • The GreenStar Elite offers continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection. 
  • It has a 4/1000 clearance with the twin gear unit, meaning it efficiently processes fruits and vegetables which leaves an almost desert-dry pulp. 
  • The machine operates quietly. 
  • It can juice all types of fruits and vegetables. 
  • Capable of processing leafy greens, even wheatgrass, at optimal levels.

GreenStar Elite Cons

Nothing is perfect and so with Pros, come Cons. Like any machine out there the GreenStar Elite has its share of cons. But, our question is, do these cons outweigh the pros? We don’t think so. Let’s take a look at the cons. 

  • 110 RPM is slow, so it will take some time to process your juice. Perhaps not the best choice for those who live their lives in the fast lane. 
  • It has a narrow chute, this requires you to chop your produce into tiny fine pieces, which can effectively slow down your juicing process even more. 
  • The price is rather high, however, it is cheaper than some other brand’s full stainless-steel models.
  • It is very heavy, weighing in at nearly 26lbs. You may have to also push your product down the chute with extra effort on the feeding chute. 


Despite its pros and cons, the GreenStar Elite Juicer has plenty of factors and features that make it a popular choice of slow-processing juicer. 

Before you buy, you will want to know if it is an easy-clean, if it is easy to use or if you need to be a detective to work it, and even what it can do in full. We have compiled all this information for you, in the section below. 

How easy is it to use? 

The GreenStar Elite comes with a glass collector pitch instead of a plastic bowl, which is an efficient touch. It is easy as pie to assemble it, however, you do need to be cautious with the set of twin-gears as you want to avoid doing any damage to them when you operate them.

You need to line up the two dots with the singular dot to form the shape of a triangle, this will avoid doing any damage to them. 

You can also use a drip tray, that is provided in the set, to prevent any juice from dripping down onto the counter. 

You should prepare your juice before you streamline the juicing process, you will need to cut up your larger items, things like apples, and ensure that they can fit down the feed chute without jamming it up. 

That being said, it is unlike single gear masticating juicers, as you will not need to cut up celery. The twin gear will easily decimate the clever without any of the long fibers wrapping around them, which is a massive plus! 

Despite its ease when dealing with celery, it will require some effort especially in juicing dense produce such as carrots. Although things such as wheatgrass or leafy greens like lettuce do not require any assistance as the machine will just pull them down.

It has also been recommended that consumers use a wooden plunger instead of a plastic one, as if the gears do accidentally nick at the wooden plunger then the wood will be forcibly ejected alongside the pulp. 

Is it hard to clean? 

If you are looking for an easy clean juicer then this is perfect for you. Cleaning the GreenStar Elite is a breeze. It has parts that are dishwasher safe even on the top rack.

However, for the best results, it is best to wash with hand in hot soapy water. Even doing it this way will take you less than five minutes to do so by hand. 

The set comes with two cleaning brushes as well which assist you in carrying out an accurate and perfect clean of all the components. 

One other thing that makes this model great when cleaning is the new O-ring in the gear housing which prevents any juice leakage. This means that you avoid any nitty-gritty annoying spillage issues. 

It also comes with a detachable cord. You can easily scrub the pulp off the juicing screen too, which you should do every time, as if pulp hardens on the screen then it will be difficult to remove.

You should also wipe the whole base clean with a rag and fully dry before you re-assemble. 

How good is the quality of the juice? 

This juicer is a superior triturating juicer that uses twin gears to crush, press, and mix juice of top-notch quality. It is known for extracting impressive quantities of juice, expelling the driest pulp, and squeezing out every last drop of juice it possibly can.

It also produces the best quantity of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and enzymes in its extraction. 

These nutrients are also of the best quality as they go through minimal damage thanks to the slow extraction process which reduces the oxidation. Oxidation speeds up the degradation of juice. 

Do not forget that all-electric juicers also produce foam, there may be some remaining pulp in the juice also but you can easily remove the pulp and foam with the provided sieve. 

This is the ideal juicer for producing large quantities of juice for drinking later in the day or even a couple of days later. You simply need to store your juice in a tightly sealed container to preserve it. 

Other abilities

The GreenStar Elite Juicer is not just for juice, it is also a homogenizer and pasta maker. This model also comes equipped with pasta-making attachments so there is no need to purchase any accessories.

The homogenizer transforms your GreenStar juicer into a food processor. 

You can also make soy and almond milk using this as well. With the pasta attachments, you can make flat or round noodles but you still need to make the dough first.

It is also equipped with breadstick-making attachments too. 

What can go in it? 

Dense produce: Cilantro, apple, celery, pear, cucumber, pineapple, turmeric, garlic, pumpkin, etc. 

Leafy greens:  Wheatgrass, beet greens, cabbage, peppermint, kale, spring onion, etc. 

Citrus: Tangerine, mandarin, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, etc. 

Soft Produce: Tomato, melon, peach, cranberries, mango, grapes, pomegranate, etc. Can be turned into a puree using the homogenizing screen. 

You can also make soy or almond milk using this extractor provided you soak overnight before processing.

Specifications of the GreenStar Elite Juicer 


Twin Gear Juicer

Juice Quality

Exceptionally High


110 RPM @ 4 HP


190 Watts

Chute Size



BPA-free Plastic




White, Black.

Noise Level


Juice Shelf Life

72 hours

Dishwasher Safe


Pulp Ejection

External Ejection


12 years

Best For

Dense Produce, Citrus, Soft Fruits, Leafy Greens, Nuts, and Beans.


Home or Personal Use. 

Overall Thoughts

The GreenStar Elite Juicer is a top-notch, heavy-duty juice extractor that will last you years to come. It is efficient at extracting juice from even the most challenging produce.

It makes it an outstanding piece of equipment to have in your kitchen.

It is great for juicing all types of fruits and veg and can make a tasty treat and delicious sauces and pasta, or even breadsticks if you want to.

As long as you do not mind a slow-juicer, and want plenty of nutrients, this is a fantastic piece of kit. 

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