Norwalk Juicer 290 Premium Hydraulic Juice Press Review

Norwalk Juicer 290 Premium Hydraulic Juice Press Review

Everyone wants something different and unique from their juicer. Some may want speed, some may want quality, some may seek a modern look, while others may seek a more vintage look.

Whatever you want in a juicer, it is out there. The Juicer we want to introduce you to is the Norwalk Juicer 290 Premium Hydraulic Juice Press. It is a hydraulic juicer, with a vintage style and high-nutrient extraction.

But, what else does it have to offer that makes it the juicer for you?

Today we want to give you a full run-down on all the good, bad, and amazing factors of owning this particular juicer. 

Introducing the Juice

This juicer, the Norwalk Juicer 290, is a tip-top go-to juice machine for Gerson Institute juice therapy. It is the first ever two-stage hydraulic press to ever pass Dr.Gersons standards for the company’s alternative cancer management.

According to Gerson, a juicer must be able to provide high nutrient levels and be pulp-free to be effective in its natural course of treatment.

At first glance, it may sound as though any slow juicer will fit this description, but Gerson requires that grinding and juicing should be separate in order to maximize nutrient potency.

It is stated that during the grinding and pressing process of a two-step juice, the produce does not become subjected to heat or electricity, therefore the fresh and healing enzymes inside the raw veg and fruit are preserved in the juice.

And that is what makes this juicer particularly special.

Back in Fashion

So with the new Norwalk Juicer 290, what is new, what has it go now that makes it superior to previous models? Let’s find out!

  • It has improved motor ventilation to minimize heat transfer to your juice.
  • You can also replace the cord if needed depending on what country you live in.
  • An attachment clip has been added to the back of the juice tray to provide a more secure fit.
  • It has a more retro vintage look, taking you back to the 1950s.
  • It has a cleaner housing attachment knob design, no more annoying wing nuts.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty for commercial uses.
  • Relocated guide pin of press plate, now moved to the side for an easier deconstruction.

The Best Bits

Wondering what the pros of this machine are? So are we, let’s have a look into what makes this machine superior.

  • Provides 72 hours of shelf life for processed juice.
  • Components are dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel build means that the machine is BPA-free.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Superior efficiency in the juice extraction process.

Room for Improvement

No matter how good a product is, there is always a bit of room for improvement. These are the cons for the Norwalk Juicer 290.

  • Maintaining this juicer can be a chore, it is not as easy to care for as some other juicers.
  • It weighs a lot so can be very difficult to move around.
  • A unique operation can be challenging to work.
  • Large, it will take up a lot of kitchen space.
  • Not the cheapest option, this juicer is a rather significant investment.

What’s it got?

While the Norwalk Juicer has many pros and cons, it has many features that are highly advantageous to juice fanatics.

Some of its features can give you insight into why it is as highly revered as it is.

Using the Juice

This juicer has two parts, the vortex cutter on the left-hand side, and the hydraulic press on the right-hand side.

These two make up a combination such as you would see in a masticating juicer and a hydraulic press, just in one machine.

A Vortex Cutter

Once you have chopped up your produce into adequate pieces, ready for juicing, drop it into the chute. Be aware that you may have to give it a slight nudge as it is not a self-feeding chute.

The blade inside will then cut up the produce into tiny bits and then shred and grind it down into a pulp. Softer fruits such as pineapple, pomegranate or watermelon, do not need to encounter the vortex cutter. This cutting grid comes with a selection of grids all with different sizes holes and different cutting abilities.

The Pressing Cloth

Once your fruits and vegetables have been grated and ground down by the powerful vortex cutter, you should then catch it with a pressing cloth/bag.

A pyrex cup will also do, but we recommend a pressing bag. Never allow this cloth/bag to come into contact with metal, you can use a pyrex pan as a basin to help avoid this, and we strongly recommend doing so. This gives you enough room to catch your produce and simultaneously fold the pressing cloth.

You should have at least two cups of this grated produce in your cup, cloth, or bag. Having any less won’t yield a prime result and may be disappointing. However, if you have any more than this you may rupture the cloth or bag.

Once the pressing bag/ cloth is filled with these two cups of produce, fold it neatly so that the force is applied even when it comes under pressure. Keep in mind that you will need different types of bags for different types of produce as these can get stained rather easily.

Hydraulic Press

Compared to some other juice pressers, you do not need brute manual force to operate this juicer.

You simply need to rotate the lever located at the bottom right-hand side of the juicing machine clockwise, this will initiate the press. This press uses 1000 pounds of pressure to extract every tiny drop of juice from your produce.

It’s as simple as that.


It takes an average of 30 minutes to clean, as averaged by owners. Cleaning the primary parts of the machine is the easiest part of the job since all the detachable components are made up of stainless steel which can go into the dishwasher. The hard part is cleaning the filter bags.

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind when you are cleaning and also using these bags.

  • ! Do not dry these bags, it will make the cloth brittle.
  • ! If the bag gets too dirty, you can use warm water to clean it up.
  • ! Bags and the cloths must be hand washed using organic liquid soap when needed.
  • ! Only use cold water when rinsing the bags before and after use.
  • ! Do not wash the filters alongside metal parts, this will contaminate the cloth.
  • ! Do not boil, this can also make the cloth brittle.
  • ! Fold the bags wet, place them into plastic bags, and store them in the freezer.

All About The Juice

Hydraulic juice presses are tip-top products when it comes to efficiently extracting and retaining nutrients. This one of the few juicers that belongs to this class.

(C=Centrifugal Juicer, M= Masticating Juicer, N= Norwalk Juicer)



















Juice extracted-oz. 










Potassium as K2O




















Magnesium as MgO










Iron as FeO




















The table above shows that the Norwalk juicer outperforms other kinds of juice extractor in its yield and nutrient retention across the board.

A study was carried out to find the results, using equal amounts of carrots, celery, and parsley on a centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer, and the Norwalk juicer.

Looking at each of the figures on this table, you can clearly see the efficiency of Norwalk is in its juice yield alone. 

It outshines the other machine types by an average of 35%. This is quite something and if you are hungry for those sweet, sweet nutrients, you can bet that the Norwalk will give it to you.

What Can It Juice?

This machine can tackle all types of products thanks to the vortex cutter.

  • Dense Produce: Cilantro, apple, celery, pear, asparagus, pepper, pineapple, watermelon, garlic, pumpkin, and more.
  • Soft produce: Grapes, peaches, tomatoes, mangoes, avocadoes, blackberries, kiwis, and more. 
  • Citrus: Orange, lemons, grapefruits, and so on. 
  • Leafy Veg: Spinach, dandelion, beet, kale, wheatgrass, cabbage, pine tree needles, and so on.

Extra Abilities

Not only is this machine an excellent juicer, but it can also manifest itself as a homogenizer, coffee grinder, nut butter churner, food processer, and even as a frozen desert maker or a milling machine.

It has seven grids with varying hole sizes that are included when you purchase the machine, these control how fine your produce will be grated and can help you process many different food types for many different things.

Juicer Specs

Type of juicer

Hydraulic Juicer

Prior models.

Norwalk Juicer, 270, 275, 280

Quality of juice.

High quality

Shelf life of juice

72 hours shelf life.

Is dishwasher capable?


Juicer wattage

814 Watts

Chute size

2 inches round (approx.)

Noise Level


Build material

Stainless steel 


12 years for household use. 

2 years for commercial use.

Best for Juicing

Soft fruits, citrus, leafy green veg, nuts and beans, dense produce. 


Household or Commercial use. 


The Norwalk Juicer is the top machine that is recommended by the Gerson Institute, as it perfectly aligns with their alternative cancer management therapy.

It is one of the few machines that have the ability to retain the absolute maximum amount of nutrition in the juice while also keeping healing enzymes strong.

It is also easy to find as it has been around for a while, you may even be able to find it for a cheaper price on third-party selling websites.

It is fantastic for those who need something that gives them top-notch nutrition.

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