Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer Review

Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer Review

Remember this, your body is your slave. It works for you - Jack Lalanne

We all want to be happier and healthier and to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

But thanks to the relentless pace of modern life, trying to find the time to embrace the different lifestyle choices and options that will allow us to reach our desired goals is increasingly difficult.

It’s why most of us keep putting it off and promising ourselves that we’ll do it tomorrow. The problem though is that tomorrow never comes and you should never delay what you could do today to some uncertain point in the future.

Remember what Robin Williams said in The Dead Poets Society? Carpe diem, seize the day. Because if you don’t seize it, it will never seize you and it’ll leave you alone until you forget all about that healthy promise that you made to yourself. 

We decided to listen to Robin, and we followed his advice and grasped our destiny with both hands, and plunged headlong into a health-conscious lifestyle that we’ve been reaping the benefits of ever since. And best of all? It didn’t involve joining a gym or pushing ourselves to our physical limits.

All we had to do was start making and drinking our own juice every single day and before we knew it we had so much more pent-up energy that we wanted to start exercising and began to feel like we were finally on course to becoming the people that we always wanted to be.

Once we’d taken that first step, everything started falling into place and we wanted more, and that desire to push ourselves further led us straight to a whole new level of juicing, and that was when we first crossed paths with what would become our juicing weapon of choice, the Omega VSJ843. Or as it’s more commonly known, the Slow Juicer.

Who Is Omega?

Founded four decades ago as Olympic Products Omega has a proud heritage of juicing and has been responsible for developing a lot of the juicing firsts that have helped to shape the healthy face of America.

Changing their name to Omega in nineteen eighty-seven led to an upsurge in their fortunes as they continued to go from juicing strength to juicing strength and began to produce their own range of centrifuge, masticating, and citrus juicers.

Then in two thousand and five, they introduced the juicer that would transform them into a truly global brand that was and is recognized throughout the world, the vertical low-speed juicer which slowed down the oxygenation process and meant that juice could be stored for up to seventy-two hours without losing any of its beneficial properties.

It was literally a juicing game changer and it altered the way that juice devotees led their lives. It made it easier to make and store more juice and opened a world of possibilities that juicers never thought possible. Omega rewrote the juicing rulebook and they’ve been regularly adding chapters to it ever since. 

Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Masticating 43 RPM Compact Cold Press Juicer Machine with Automatic Pulp Ejection, 150-Watt, Silver

We didn’t know what a slow masticating juicer was until the Omega entered our lives and opened our eyes to a whole new way to experience the benefits of juice and juicing.

Designed to operate at much slower speeds than normal juicers, the mastication process uses far more of the fruit and vegetables that are fed into the juicer and maximizes the amount of juice that can be extracted from your chosen source. 

How It Works

The Omega operates at half the speed that normal masticating juicers do, and powers through whatever you feed into it at forty-three rpm (revolutions per minute) which slows down oxygenation and allows the juicer to slowly crush and pulp more of your chosen fruit and vegetables and deliver the maximum amount of juice possible. We won’t even pretend that we understand the science behind the process.

All we know is that it really does work and that it allowed us to make and store more juice than we had ever been able to before. And that meant that whenever we wanted a little juice, all we had to do was reach into the fridge, and there it was, ready to go.

It also uses a double auger blade system that allows it to scrape more of the pulp from inside the juicing screen, so it effectively cleans itself (Omega calls the process AWS - Automatic Wiping System) which squeezes more of the pup through the fine mesh screen which means more juice and less waste.

And given the rising cost of good organic fruit and vegetables, anything that helps to make every dollar go a little further needs to be embraced - which is one of the many reasons that we were, and are, so taken with the Omega.

Mixing Juice

The Omega also has a unique dispensing system that allows you to actually mix the juice that you’re making inside the juicer while it’s making it.

It’s a simple and ingenious idea that undoubtedly only works because of the low speed at which the juicer operates, which makes it easier to feed the fuel (that’s the fruit and vegetables) into the top of the juicer.

All you need to do to mix your juice, as it’s being made is close and lock the dispensing tap and the Omega does the rest.

Once you’ve mixed your juice, open the tap again and let it flow into your chosen container. It really is that easy.

Continuous Juicing

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love this juicer, it also allows you to keep making juice for as long as you want, or need to.

With traditional juicers, you have to keep stopping to empty the pulp containers, but the Omega has an external pulp ejection system, which forces the pulp and wastes out of the juicer while it’s making juice.

As long as you have a receptacle on hand to collect the pulp as it’s being pushed out, and enough fruit and vegetables on hand, you could theoretically keep on making juice until either the Omega burns out, or the sun does.

Do you want another reason to fall in love with this juicer? You do? Okay, well in that case we’ll give you three more. As it operates at such a low speed it’s incredibly quiet, and you won’t disturb anyone in your house with unwanted noise while you’re juicing to your heart’s content.

The second additional reason why you’ll adore it is that it’s self-feeding and you’ll only need to force fruit and vegetables into the Omega in the incredibly unlikely event that they become stuck during the mastication process.

And the last additional reason that you’ll end up loving this juicer as much as we do is that it’s easy, simple, and straightforward to clean.

It’s been designed to break down to its constituent parts in the blink of an eye and then all you need to do is wash and wipe them down, put them back together and you’re ready to start juicing all over again.

The Omega transforms juicing into an art form and makes it easy, and convenient enough, for everyone to enjoy.

It Isn’t All Good News

Nothing in life is perfect and the Omega comes with its own set of unique problems that, while they’re not deal-breakers could make you think twice about finding a place for it in your kitchen.

And while we’re talking about finding a place for it in your kitchen, that’s the first issue that might stop you from wanting to juice the Omega way.

It’s big and bulky, and wherever you choose to place it, that’s where it’s going to end up staying for the duration of its juicing life, so it’s definitely worth making sure that you have more than enough room for it before you add it to your juicing arsenal.

The second reason is the one that makes most people think twice about the Omega, and that’s its price. It is, as you’ve probably already surmised, reassuringly expensive and costs almost twice as much as almost all of its competitors do.

It boils down to a very basic question - is the extra cost worth all of the juicing convenience that it provides? And that’s a question that only you can answer. 

The Final Juicing Verdict

Despite the fact that it’s big and bulky, is eye wateringly expensive, and can be prone to blockages if you don’t keep an eye on it, the Omega’s advantages far outweigh the few negative aspects and the single flaw (the rare blockages) in its design.

The way it enables you to mix juice, the fact that it’ll run and run and make more juice than you’ll ever be able to store and drink and, due to the low oxygenation rate of its juicing process, the fact that you can store the juice it makes for three days, makes the Omega a full force juicer that’s worth every single cent of its asking price.

But then, as we’ve already told you that we’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Omega, we would say that, wouldn’t we?

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