Super Angel Juicer Review

Super Angel Juicer Review

There are four variants of the Super Angel Juicer in the USA; The Plus, The Pro, The Deluxe, and The Premium Deluxe.

In the UK there are three, given the titles; 5500, 7500, 8500 S. Known as the Angel Juicer, it is the tip-top machine of the juice world.

It is made with food-grade metal on its body, its housing, and its gears. These parts can even be upgraded to surgical-grade stainless steel. 

All of these four variants of the Super Angel Juicer are fantastic and if you want to avoid contaminating your juice with plastic then you may consider getting yourself one of these.

Before we get into the stats and their exceptional features, let’s take a look at the models and what they have to offer individually.

Super Angel Models

First up is the Super Angel Plus, it is one of the cheapest you can get that is an all-stainless steel juicer. One of its most outstanding features is a manual reverse switch.

The three following models come with an automatic anti-jamming system, but customers reported that the system was slow and so, the company brought back the reverse button.

Next, we have the Super Angel Pro Juicer, which is the second most conservative option and is also the second cheapest option.

It is near identical to the previous model, the Plus, except for the auto-reverse system. It has a bod, extracting housing, and two gears all made of 304 high-quality food-grade stainless steel.

Its main downfall is a lack of a complimentary soft fruit attachment, however, this is available as an upgrade, so it is not too much of a worry.

If you are looking for the absolute best deal you can get from a juicer, then check out the Super Angel Deluxe. It already comes with food-grade stainless steel soft work attachments.

So you do not need to concern yourself with buying accessories to process soft fruits or make a tasty puree. It is very similar to the Super Angel Pro when considering the material designs.

Although you can save a few dollars with this option, as you do not need to go out searching for soft fruit attachments.

Although the Super Angel Premium Deluxe is probably the priciest of this range, it lacks the soft fruit attachment of its predecessor.

The reason for its higher cost is in the surgical-grade stainless steel that makes up the twin gear and the extracting house.

This type of steel is susceptible to mineral build-ups and therefore makes cleaning a load easier. So you may pay more, but you will save so much time in clean-up.

Model Stats

To visualize the main differences between these models, and to give you a better idea of what has what, and which is best suited to you, we have designed a table that will give you all the information on the basic features and materials used in each of these four machines.

US version




Premium Deluxe

UK Version




8500 S






Extracting Housing

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

Twin Gear

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel

Reverse Button





Soft Fruit Attachment

Not Included

Not Included


Not Included.


Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

What are the Pros of the Super Angel Juicer?

Every machine will have its selling-points. The things that make it sound out against other brands like a wolf among sheep.

The Super Angel Juicer has a fantastic reputation, and even though some of its models have some benefits that the others lack, they are still highly reputable machines.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits that come with the Super Angel Juicer.

  • Features a new and upgraded cooling system that prevents a heat build-up that could cause mechanical problems and destroy all the good nutrients in your juices.
  • Slow juicers give you the bonus of allowing you to store your juices for 72 hours due to minimal oxidation, so you can have a juice every day without having to make it every day.
  • The complete stainless steel construction gives you guarantees that your juice will be free of any plastic toxins such as BPA or other plastic derivatives.
  • It has a motor speed of 82 RPM this will keep nutrients alive in the juice and is considered to be an ideal speed.
  • There is a super quiet option, great for days with a headache or when you need to juice quietly.
  • It has upgraded twin gear that now provides you with an option between 304 or 316 (high quality or surgical grade). While 304 is cheaper by fear, 316 has a higher resistance to corrosion which makes cleaning up much easier.
  • It is dishwasher safe, eliminating the need for tedious hand washing.
  • Triturating juice extractors are the only existing juicer type that is efficient enough to adequately juice green and leafy vegetables to produce the perfect dry pulp. Adding to its efficiency and yield of juice.
  • The Super Angel Juicer comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • The stainless steel of the juicing machine gives the juice rich color and full taste, more than other materials.

What are the Cons of the Super Angel Juicer?

Much like how every machine will have its big selling points, each machine will also have negative points, areas of improvement.

Let’s take a look at what the areas of improvement are for the Super Angel Juicer.

  • It has a narrow feeding chute that requires you to chop up your fruits and vegetables before you juice, which can be rather tedious.
  • It does require a rather significant investment, so is not a good choice for those who are skeptical about how often they will use it, or if a juicer is a right product for them.
  • It is a slow juicer, so it is not ideal for those who want to make quick blends.
  • While the majority of the machine is dishwasher safe, the O-ring in the screen housing is not and much be hand washed separately.

Features of the Super Angel Juicer

Easy Cleaning

When compared to some other juicers, this machine does not have any massive parts that require individual or complex cleaning and so cleaning the Super Angel Juicer is fantastically simple.

All its detachable pieces can go straight into the dishwasher for simple cleaning. The only moderately awkward part of this is the screen housing, but you can always use a premium cleaning brush that comes with the juicer, to get to the difficult-to-reach places.

All this aside, you should not leave the juicer unwashed, unwashed juicers will get a dried-up residue and this is much more difficult to get rid of.

Ease of Use

The biggest issue with this machine is the aforementioned narrow chute. It is the smallest chute existing in the slow juicer purchase line, with a tiny diameter of only 1.2 inches, so if you do not pre-cut your produce into small enough pieces, it can likely get jammed.

The Super Angel Plus does however come with a manual reverse button and so if you go for this mode you will have to be vigilant for jams.

Aside from the Super Angel Plus, the remaining models all have automatic anti-jamming systems, this issue can easily be avoided by chopping up your produce small enough.

This is the only small thing that can make operation difficult, however, the overall quality of juice is the defining factor, and this machine produces fantastic juice.


It is worth knowing what this juicer can juice. This juicer can process pretty much any type of product including; soft fruits, hardy vegetables, citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, soybeans, and some types of nut.

More produce it can process:

  • Hard produce: Pears, ginger, asparagus, gourd, coconut, pineapple, fennel, cauliflower, cilantro, sweet potato, watermelon, pumpkin, turmeric, broccoli, and so on. 
  • Citrus: lime, mandarin, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and more. 
  • Other greens: Spinach, peppermint, moringa, lettuce, basil, cabbage, pine tree needles, kale, and others.

Things such as nuts and beans can also be turned into milk using this juicer as long as you follow the instructions for doing so in the user manual.

If you have the soft fruit attachment then fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes, blackberries, cranberries, mango, and so on can be pureed.


There are two ultimate selling points of this juicer, the yield and the quality of the juice. All the parts that come into contact with your juice are high-grade stainless steel and are therefore free from coming into contact with any plastic toxins.

The twin gear has a hairline gap also that makes it able to yield even more juice than other juice extractors on the market. As it revolves at a speed of 82 RPM it is slow enough to minimize oxidation or the breakdown of nutrients that you want to retain.

It also has a built-in cooling system so that your juice will stay fresh. It also adds richness to the color and texture of the juice and the shelf life of this pressed juice can last 72 hours.

Additional Attachments

The Super Angel Juicer can come with many different attachments, these attachments are capable of turning your juicer into a grinder or even a puree machine. The only downside- you have to purchase them separately as they are not included in some of the models.

Similarly, the soft fruits attachment is similar to the standard housing, despite the small holes that let it allow small amounts of pulp in the juice so that you can puree it.

There is also the blank/ grinding housing that can allow you to create tofu, nut butter, or even a delicious frozen fruit sorbet.

Machine Specs


Twin Gear Juicer



Juice Quality

Very High

Juice Shelf Life

72 Hours

Dishwasher Safe


Pulp Ejection



82 RPM, 3 horsepower


180 Watts

Chute Size

1.2 inch (round)


All Stainless Steel



Noise Level



10 Years

Best for Juicing

Soft & Dense Produce, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Nuts & Beans


Home & Personal Use

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What Do We Think?

This juicer is absolutely fantastic. With no plastic that could compromise the quality of your juice, you are bound to end up with increadible juice.

Though it is on the more pricey side of the market, afford it, it is definitely a juicer worth juicing with.

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