The Best Hydraulic Juice Presses

The Best Hydraulic Juice Presses

Three Awesome Hydraulic Juice Presses You Can Buy Right Now

There’s nothing more important than looking out for your own and your loved one’s health, and one of the most satisfying ways to ensure you’re getting all the nutritional content your body needs is to drink fruit and vegetable juice, but beware!

Store-bought juice is almost always packed full of sugars and other nasty ingredients such as artificial preservatives.

To make matters worse, many juicers you can buy for home use obliterate the natural nutrients in your fruit, so even after investing your hard-earned cash, you’re still short-changed in terms of health benefits. So where does that leave you?

Well, sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and hydraulic juice presses have proven to be the healthiest way to prepare your delicious juices, leaving most of those healthy nutrients intact.

When we learned about this, we jumped straight into research mode to find you the best hydraulic juice presses you can buy, because a happy tum means a happy you, and a happy you is what we are all about.

Best Hydraulic Juice Presses - Reviews

Let’s not bury the juicy lead here. We’re jumping straight into our reviews so you can start living your healthy life as soon as possible!

Top Pick - Best Modern Hydraulic Juice Press

PURE Juicer Two-Stage Juicer - Premium Cold Press Juicing Machine - Solid Stainless Grinder and Hydraulic Press For Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts

Healthy, fun, adventurous...juicing is a lot of things, but until you’ve used the Pure Hydraulic Juicer, it’s never been art.

This two-in-one juicer features a masticator on the left-hand side that mulches your healthy ingredients into a fine pulp, releasing essential enzymes. The pulp collects directly into the included press bags.

The electric hydraulics spring into action with the push of a button and a pressure plate descends on your pulp bags with 5400lbs of force, sending a mesmerizing rivulet of wonderful juice into your receptacle.

It’s so satisfying to watch the Pure Juicer work its magic that you’ll be juicing more than you could ever possibly drink.

The stainless steel design is both sleek and space/storage-friendly. It’s not cheap, but offering the highest yield of any other hydraulic press on the market, it’s a small price for the passionate juice enthusiast to pay for the functionality and health benefits it provides.


  • Two-in-one masticator and electric hydraulic press makes the juicing process a joy
  • Neutral stainless steel design will suit any kitchen aesthetic
  • Hydraulic press exerts 5400lbs of force, offering you the highest yield possible
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypnotic to watch
  • Comes with everything you need to get juicing
  • Fantastic instruction manual
  • Nice and compact, saving counter and storage space


  • So, so, so expensive

Second Pick - Best Hand Operated Hydraulic Juice Press

Welles or Peoples Juice Press

The Welles Juice Press is fantastic if you like to get a little bit of exercise when you juice, as it’s a manually powered hydraulic design.

It works in a similar way to a carjack except you use your hands rather than your feet to press the pump and apply pressure.

It doesn’t include a masticator, so you’ll have to be pretty slick with a kitchen knife in order to dice and pulp your ingredients. All things considered, it’s a wonderfully simple device, and thanks to this minimal design, you won’t have to remortgage your house to afford one.

You’ll find it hard to juice your leafy greens with this press, as it’s geared more towards soft fruits and veg, but the low-friction, low-oxidation process ensures your juice is as jam-packed with nutrients as can be!


  • Stainless steel construction with powder-coated shell for enhanced durability
  • Rubber feet to prevent shifting during use
  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable handle
  • Applies 2 tons of pressure, giving you more juice per ingredient
  • Comes with two press cloths
  • No electricity necessary
  • BPA free for good health
  • Carrying handle increases portability


  • No grinder
  • Slightly more time consuming

Third Pick - Best Budget Hydraulic Juice Press

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer - Manual Citrus Press and Orange Squeezer - Metal Lemon Squeezer - Premium Quality Heavy Duty Manual Orange Juicer and Lime Squeezer Press Stand, Black

Our final fruit-smusher is a quality budget option and number one bestseller. Much like our Welles pick, it relies on manual operation to squeeze out those delicious juices.

Designed for use with fruits exclusively, it’s not the most versatile hydraulic press, but it’s amazing at what it does.

Your fruit is pressed efficiently and any seeds, skin, or pulp is captured by the removable dishwasher-friendly press plate, then voila! Fresh juice to be enjoyed straight away.

Made of cast iron, it’s a pretty heavy device, but you’ll need to secure it when tackling particularly stubborn fruit. Other than that, it’s a fantastic design.


  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe components make clean up a breeze
  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Amazing price
  • Can be bought in many attractive colors
  • 5-inch cup for fitting loads of ingredients in at once
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • A little limited in the things it can press
  • Needs securing during difficult presses


What is a Hydraulic Juice Press?

A hydraulic juice press is any press that uses a hydraulic mechanism to crush the essences from your ingredients.

They’re known as cold presses and are considered the healthiest way of juicing your ingredients. They can either be powered by electricity or manually with a hydraulic pump similar in design to a car jack.

They usually come with press bags or cloths in which pulp is stored ready to be pressed. The hydraulic pressure plate slowly exerts massive amounts of pressure on the press bags, squeezing as much juice as possible from their contents.

Are Cold Juice Presses Healthier?

Cold presses with low friction pressing processes provide much healthier juice than others such as centrifugal presses.

This is because the heat and oxidation the ingredients encounter during the pressing process breaks down their nutritional content. Vitamins and enzymes simply dissipate before they reach your lips.

What is a Two-Step Hydraulic Juice Press?

A two-step hydraulic juice press is exactly the same as a normal hydraulic juice press except it will also have an integrated mastication device, which is essentially a grinder for electronically pulping food before it’s pressed.

This kind of juice press is one of the best you can buy, but with prices soaring into the thousands, the question is...can you buy them? And are they worth it?

Pulp Satisfaction

There you have it, fellow juice lovers, three epic hydraulic juice presses for extracting every bit of goodness from your ingredients so you can enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle.

Which is right for you?

Due to the price tag, our top pick isn’t for everyone, only the diehard juice addicts out there with strong cash flows, but our second and third presses offer a taste of the juice life for significantly less, making them a much more realistic option for most.

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