The Best Jack Lalanne Juicers

The Best Jack Lalanne Juicers

That’s the power of juice!  - Jack Lalanne 

Jack Lalanne may have left the mortal realm a decade ago but in the ninety-six years he spent among us, he strode the Earth like a Colossus.

Known to his many adoring fans as the “Godfather of Modern Fitness” Lalanne’s name became synonymous with the pursuit of physical perfection and nutritional excellence, both of which he espoused during his long career as a motivational speaker.

The root of Lalanne’s endless quest for wellness, which he later admitted himself, was forged by his attempts to overcome his own dependence on sugar and junk food and he knew all too well how difficult it could be to overcome the desire to indulge in both.

While his indomitable spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone he encouraged and helped to live a healthier life, Jack Lalanne is now recognized as one of the earliest proponents of juicing and its many physical benefits. He was so enamored by the possibilities that juicing offered, he readily endorsed a range of juicers that still bear his name.

Following the retirement of the flagship machine in the Lalanne range, the Juice Tiger in nineteen ninety-six, Jack Lalanne’s name is still used on five different juicers.

Even though all of the juicers in the Lalanne range are more than capable of producing all of the juice that you’ll ever need to take the next step on your journey to a healthier life, we thought we’d take a closer look at the duo that will help you to become the best version of yourself.

So here’s to Jack Lalanne and a happier and healthier life…

Jack Lalanne's JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer

If you’ve been searching for juicing perfection, then your long and exhausting quest might have, at long last, finally come to an end.

This is Jack Lalanne’s ultimate power juicer and its devastating good looks and superb stainless steel finish were designed to help it find pride of place in any kitchen.

Its combination of surgical grade stainless steel blades and a high induction motor were purposely engineered and paired to deliver nutrient-rich juice that’ll help you to face all of the adversity that the hectic pace of modern life delights in subjecting you to.

The man whose name is indelibly stamped on this juicer thought that juicing shouldn’t be a chore and that it shouldn’t be difficult. He thought it should be as easy as making toast, and that’s why this juicer is simple and straightforward to use and clean.

If you’re not in the mood to wash it by hand, the blades and pulp collector are dishwasher friendly, which takes all of the headaches out of the cleaning process.

Let’s backtrack for a minute, and talk about the high-speed induction motor that this juicer uses, which even though it spins at more than three thousand six hundred rpm (that’s revolutions per minute) is whisper-quiet, so you can start your day by juicing and not have to worry about disturbing, or waking your family or housemates.

And the surgical grade stainless steel blades it uses have never met a vegetable or fruit that they couldn’t pulp, liquefy and extract every single possible drop of juice from. 

Thanks to its extra-large pulp collector, non-drop spout, and patented extraction technology (the secret of which. we like to think, Jack took with him on his next adventure), the Power Juicer isn’t just super efficient and dedicated to ensuring that no part of the vegetable or fruit that you’re juicing goes to waste.

It’s a near-perfect juicer that if he’d seen before he left the world behind, Jack would have fallen head over heels in love with. And once you’ve used it and started to feel the benefits of juicing, you’ll fall in love with it too. 

Jack LaLanne's PJEB Power Juicer Express, Black

You don’t have to fully embrace Jack Lalanne’s idea of perfection to enjoy all of the benefits of juicing, and the PJEB Express is the juicer that’s been designed to gently guide you into the world of juicing by keeping all things juice related simple and easy.

Lalanne knew that he couldn’t change the world overnight and that bettering yourself was a continuous odyssey that started with a single step. And this is the juicer that was designed to help you to take your first stumbling steps toward a better you and a better tomorrow.

Like the Deluxe, the Express uses a combination of surgical steel blades (that are also dishwasher friendly) and a super quiet induction motor that can reach speeds of three thousand six hundred revolutions per minute to juice any fruit or vegetable that you feed into it.

And again, thanks to the super-efficient extraction technology that the Lalanne brand patented, not a single drop of any of the juice that it produces will ever go to waste.

The large spout that feeds the juice to your waiting glass makes sure that it doesn’t waste or spill any during delivery and the extra-large pulp container (which is also dishwasher friendly) keeps the mess that the obliterated fruit and vegetables would otherwise have caused to scatter and spill everywhere, safely confined to one place.

It’s easy to use and simple to clean, and that’s the way that Jack liked things to be. 

The Juicing Choice

If we’re being absolutely honest, the only real difference between the juicers is their size and the amount of juice that they’ll make in a single session.

The Deluxe will provide all of the juice that the more dedicated juicer requires to help them stay on track and remain focused on their long-term fitness goals, while the Express opens the door to that world for you, and whether or not you choose to walk through it is entirely up to you.

But whatever you decide to do, and whichever juicer you decide is right for you, get ready to experience the “power of the juice”.

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