The Best Juicers

The Best Juicers

the best juicer

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, then juicers are one of the best accessories that you can have in your kitchen.

These things can reduce fruit and vegetables into a drink that will give you all the nutrients, antioxidants and protein that you’ll need in your daily diet.

However, luckily, or perhaps unluckily for some of you, there are literally hundreds of models and brands to choose from, so you might have trouble picking out your next juicer.

Whether it be a centrifugal juicer or a cold press, each one can give you different results with every single juice.

One of the main things you might not have considered is how the heat of your juicer affects the composition of the contents of your juice.

Too much intense heat from the motor will kill off some of the healthy microbiotics and nutrients that will give you that much-needed health boost on a Monday morning.

A juicer is probably the best natural method of increasing your daily vitamin and nutrient intake. Instead of having one orange a day, you can juice two or three to boost your vitamin C.

Even after a few weeks of using the juice maker, you will notice the difference in your energy levels.

the best juicer

This doesn’t mean that every juice you make has to be simple. In fact, one of the best things about having your own juicer is that you can mix up a few different fruits and vegetables to give you unique flavors and, more importantly, boosts for your immune system, your energy levels and healthy gut bacteria.

A juicer is quite different from a blender in that it separates the pulp from the juice itself, leaving you with a completely smooth vegetable or fruit drink.

This is perfect if you want to feed your children more healthy snacks and juices and you know that they’ll have a certain aversion to pulpy foods.

Traditionally, a juicer comes with a few chambers: a feeding chute for the original fruit and veg, a nozzle where the juice comes out, a grinding chamber and a bin for the pulp.

Some juicers come with numerous settings that will allow you to extract more or less pulp, as a lot of users will want to get as much pulp as possible.

But where can you find the best juicers? What features does a juicer need to give you the best quality liquid at the end?

What materials should a juicer be made out of in order to get it nice and clean? How much can you be expected to pay for a decent juicer?

Well, juicing enthusiasts won’t have to worry about these questions any longer, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best juicers currently available on the market.

We cover all manner of juicer types, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the materials that they’re made out of.

Then we follow that up with a buyer’s guide that will better help you determine the differences between the good juicers and the bad ones, giving you more of a critical eye when your shopping for your next model.

We then round off with some frequently asked questions that will help alleviate any anxieties you might have over your first juicer.

But let’s not grind our gears any further, let’s get straight into our list of some of the top juicers currently available on the market.


This first juicer has dispensed with some of the elements you might have seen in an older model of vertical juicer, coming as it does without a metal straining basket.

This juicer mimics the motion of juicing by hand, with 43 revolutions per minute that will make sure that every drop of juice is removed from your food and into your cup - introducing the Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer.

This is probably one of the more hygienic models on our list. We all know how much of an annoyance it can be to scrub your juicer completely clean after use.

This has a very handy pulp ejector on the side that will dispense the unwanted rind as you juice. The simplicity of this machine makes it great for first-time juicers.

This machine also has plenty of power to back it up, with a super powerful motor that can grind most types of fruit and vegetables while keeping them in their natural state.

The slowness of the motor movement means that there is very little heat transfer, which won’t result in your healthy microbes and vitamins from dying.

If you want a super clean and simple machine to use, then we can’t recommend this one more highly. This is great for entry-level juicers who want a machine with a simple interface and not too many speeds.

It is also very sleek and stylish and will blend in perfectly with both modern and bespoke kitchens.


  • The slow juicing capabilities will ensure that your juice reaches the glass with as many of its natural ingredients as possible.
  • No metal strainer basket - this will make the cleanup twice as easy, cutting down on doing one of the more annoying aspects of the juicing process.
  • The pulping outlet will rotate 180-degrees, giving you the ability to eject the wastage easily from a hole in the side of the unit.
  • You can easily grind up some of the tougher juices with this machine - certain sinewy items such as celery or avocado can be easily ground up, preserving as much of their natural state as possible.
  • Affordable - this is perfect for casual juicers or people who are doing it for the first time and might not be entirely committed to the juicing phenomenon just yet.


  • The slow juicing might not be great if you are looking to juice quickly before your morning commute to work. However, having a faster motor will result in more heat that might affect the chemical composition of your smoothie.


One of the most popular brands for manufacturing juicers is Omega. With durable materials and flawless design features, we can see why this one has acquired plenty of rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

It has a powerful motor that will enable you to chew through even the grisliest vegetables, reducing them to a smooth liquid - introducing the Omega Slow Juicing Masticating Juicer.

This is a very good quality juicer, best for mincing leafy greens, wheatgrass, celery and tough fruits like oranges and lemons that have a lot of rind on them.

You can also use it to filter dairy products, making yourself healthy smoothies such as a banana or apple flavor. This is perfect for making interesting blends of flavors.

This keeps your ground produce in more or less the same natural condition, with a slow blending speed that won’t affect the composition of your natural fruits and vegetables.

This is very important if you are a health nut and want to preserve the most nutrition and enzymes from your core ingredients.

In addition to these amazing features, this unit is also very compact, perfect for use in a small kitchen where space is minimal.

This unit is also very sleek and stylish, blending in perfectly with any number of different kitchen styles. This machine is also very easy to use with a single feeding chute in the top that you can easily detach and clean.


  • The compact size - this unit can be stored in any number of kitchens, ideal if you live in a small apartment and can’t afford to take up any additional room on your kitchen counter.
  • All the components of this juicer can be dismantled and rinsed through a dishwasher, making it ideal for cleaning afterward, a process that can often be time-consuming and exhausting.
  • This is a vertical-style unit, which also won’t take up too much space in your kitchen or dining room space.
  • You can not only blitz fruits and vegetables but also dairy products, which make it ideal for mixing up flavors and increasing the number of nutrients in your smoothie.
  • This juicer has a simple interface that can be used by even the most inexperienced health enthusiasts. It is also ideal to be used by younger users, with plenty of built-in safety features. 


  • Again, the slowness of this juicer might put off users who might be in a rush in the mornings and want a juice before they head into the office.


One of the major things that have concerned the juice market is how easy your final concoction is to store in the fridge.

Luckily, many juicing manufacturers have made designs that are cold from the beginning of the squeeze to the storage in the fridge. 

This juice fountain will make sure that your juice will retain as much of its natural goodness as possible - introducing the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus.

Breville is obviously a very well-established producer of not only juicers but other products like toasters and sandwich makers.

They come with plenty of positive testimonies on Amazon, which is very important when you’re purchasing an electronic device. This has a 3.5-inch wide feed that cuts the juicing time in half.

That is the major difference between this and other juicers, that being the prepping time. You can feed your bananas, apples, and carrots in whole without having to chop or dice them beforehand.

This makes it a great unit for people who don’t have much time in between the school run and going to work to make sure they have all their ingredients prepped.

The cold spin technology is what keeps the contents of the juice press nice and cool, ensuring it does not succumb to a lot of the overheating that a lot of juicers experience.

This also has a massive juicing capacity, enabling you to juice over 70 fluid ounces. It also comes with a hefty storage container, allowing you to put it in the fridge for you and your family to drink later.


  • The Cold Spin Technology - this will allow you to blend your food into a fine liquid and maintain its cool temperature, which is ideal for preserving enzymes and healthy bacteria.
  • This comes made with a custom nozzle that will allow you to have a very mess-free juicing experience.
  • This juicer has a pulp bin built into the rear that is perfect for getting rid of the unwanted solid parts of your juice. You can then simply tip this into your food waste bin when you’ve finished.
  • This juicer is very slick and stylish, it will make a great accompaniment to any style of modern or rustic kitchen.
  • The steel components of this juicer are very easy to clean, all you have to do is dissemble and unplug it after use and rinse out the parts in the sink.


  • The parts are not dishwasher friendly, so you will have to spend a little extra time cleaning out the innards by hand. This will not be appealing to those who don’t have much time on their hands.


This juicer is great for those who want that extra smooth juice at the end of their cycle, it has dual gears that you can be sure will grind your organic vegetable or fruit matter down into a pulpless juice.

Featuring bioceramic technology in the gears, you can be sure that this model will boost the nutritional value of your juice by a significant degree - introducing the Tribest GSE-5000 Cold Press.

If you are planning on mulching tougher vegetable produce such as coconut meat, wheatgrass, or celery, then this is the perfect juicer for you.

You can create wonderfully tasty purees or even make your own almond milk with water and almonds - that’s how good this juicer is at processing materials.

The aim of this machine is to preserve the enzymes and nutrients that you will naturally find in your organic ingredients, giving you all the health benefits that you would get from eating the food in its solid state.

One of the positives about having a juicer is that you can combine all the health benefits of multiple fruits and vegetables in one single glass.

Not only can you get juices with this machine, but you can also make sauces, purees, milk and even butter.

The powerful twin grinders replicate the human chewing system, meaning that will retain as much of the nutritional properties as possible.

This is a sleek and compact unit, perfect for a smaller kitchen - it is also very easy to clean.


  • Pressure adjustment - you can alter the amount of pressure that you want to inflict upon your raw vegetable matter, giving you control over how thick or runny you want your juice.
  • You can feed plenty of organic matter into this juicer without it clogging up the machine. This will be very important when it comes to cleaning and improving the functionality of your juicer.
  • This juicer can handle harder foodstuffs like nuts and coconut meat, giving you a much wider flavor palette to experiment with.
  • The juicer can be set to various levels to produce a whole host of purees, milks, sauces, butters as well as juices. This will be perfect for anyone who wants mainly whole ingredients in their foods.
  • The grinding system in this machine replicates human mastication, giving you every drop of nutrition from your organic foods.


  • The price - with such a wide array of features and top-of-the-range design, you can be sure that you’ll be forking out a pretty penny on this juicer, which certainly won’t be appealing to those who just want to make juices alone.


Our next juicer is one that comes from Hurom, which you’ll often see cropping up in numerous reviews of the best juicers on the market, and this one is no different.

This is another slow juicer, that replicates the process of human mastication to give you a nutrient-rich juice in your cup - introducing the Hurom HZ Slow Juicer.

This juicer won’t take up too much space in your kitchen, coming in a sleek vertical design that is stylish and very easy to clean. It comes with a stainless steel body that is both more hygienic and resistant to damages from impacts.

It operates at 43 revolutions per minute, replicating human mastication and giving you a higher vitamin content in your final cup.

This can process very dense and gristly vegetables such as coconut and various citrus fruits, so you can mix and match your foods to get many interesting flavors and health benefits.

The best thing about this masticator is the ability to pre-juice your foods, all you have to do is close off the tap until you have the desired volume then let it go in your glass.

You can also juice in bulk with this machine, holding nearly 17 fluid ounces in one sitting, this is perfect if you plan on using it for you and your family.

The slow running motor also produces a very small amount of heat, as well as a quiet running operation, which will allow you to run it late in the night without waking up other members of your family.


  • The silent running - this makes it the perfect machine for making late-night juice, you can get your protein in before bedtime without waking up the other members of your family.
  • You can make all sorts of interesting things with this machine, including tofu ice cream! This makes it a must-have for anyone who wants to have sweet treats without the additional calories.
  • This stainless steel juicer is very easy to clean, all you have to do is turn it off and put it through the dishwasher or scrub it by hand for a much more thorough clean.
  • The interface on this machine is very easy to use, you can set it to any number of grinding abilities, giving you sauces, purees and even milk. This is the perfect juicer for those who like diversity in their whole food meals.
  • This juicer can hold up to 17 fluid ounces of material, it also comes with a separate pulp bin that will eject the bone-dry waste material, making sure every ounce of nutrition goes in your cup.


  • Another very expensive unit - again, with the sheer range of features on offer, then you can expect the price tag to be slightly overinflated, which will certainly deter users who only plan on juicing a few times a week.


This next whole juice processor makes for excellent juice retention, churning the food at a low RPM, with a small chute that can accept plenty of small fruits and vegetables.

This has a larger feeding chute that will be able to easily manage unchopped fruits and vegetables, very handy if you want to preserve as much of the fruit as possible - introducing the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer.

This juicer has a slow-masticating system that will retain the maximum amount of enzymes, crushing the food and pressing it to a high yield in a manner that will ensure that it doesn’t contain air bubbles.

This has a 240w motor that will be able to make short work of whole apples or three stem lengths of celery.

You can blend large quantities of nuts, berries, fruit and vegetables with this juicer, it is the ideal machine for making baby food, milks and other purees.

This is a great blender if you want to make additional sauces for your whole family. It will save you time on prepping, which will be perfect if you need to get to work in the morning.

If you like green juices, this is a great machine, it can mush up more fibrous vegetable matter, bleeding out all the healthy juice.

This is made from pollutant-free material that won’t affect the taste or the toxicity, which can be an issue faced by cheaper models of juicers.

This juicer has plenty of built-in safety features that will mean that young children’s hands won’t get trapped in the feeding chute.

It has a motorized dual blender in the center that will slowly crush the contents into a fine pulp which is then ejected into a bin housed inside the juicer itself.


  • The design - with the adjustable tap, you can allow as much juice as you like in your cup, cutting off the juice supply afterwards.
  • You can open up the inside of this juicer to quickly clean out some of the pulp that might have gotten stuck in the rivulets during your intense juicing session.
  • It has a plastic and stainless steel casing that are both very easy to clean. All you have to do with the plastic elements is either wash them by hand or put them in the dishwasher for that ultra-clean finish.
  • This juicer is built for safety, meaning that you can use it around small children without running the risk of them injuring themselves or getting their hand caught in any dangerous mechanisms.
  • The versatility - you can make anything from juices to smoothies to ice cream with this unit. If you fancy treating your family to a super healthy organic ice cream made from fresh cream and pistachio nuts, then give this juicer a whirl!


  • Another very expensive unit, it will be another one to steer clear of if you want to save yourself a few dollars.


This next model is probably one of the coolest juicers that we have on this list, with a stainless steel composition that will be resistant to the repeated exposure to moisture that we have on this list.

It has an automatic cooling system that will prevent this device from overheating and not affecting the chemical composition of your juice - introducing the Super Angel Deluxe Model.

This juicer has an anti-jamming system whereby you can dislodge your fruit and vegetable matter manually.

Having plenty of detachable parts will be a great method to clean and maintain your machine, and this machine has this ability in spades. The grinding mechanism is very high-powered and can mince up whole vegetables and fruits.

This unit is also one of the smallest on this list, so if you have a small kitchen apartment but you don’t want to deprive yourself of the luxury of a juicer, then this might be the unit for you.

The price is also very affordable, making it great value for money, considering the amount of features that this one has.

The motor on this juicer is one of the best on this list, operating at a slow mulching rate that won’t overheat, keeping the enzymes and healthy bacteria at an acceptable level.

It runs at 180 watts, which makes it around a mid-range power unit. You can process multiple veggies in one sitting, giving you a final drink that is brimming with goodness.


  • The look - if style and design matters to you as much as functionality, then you're in luck, because this sleek machine has both of those elements.
  • You can easily take care of multiple whole vegetables and fruits quickly and efficiently with this wider flume. If you are in a hurry and need a quick organic kick in the morning, we would recommend this juicer.
  • This machine comes with a self-cooling mechanism that will ensure that your unit won’t overheat and affect the overall quality of your final juice.
  • The construction - this is one of the most durable and easy-to-clean units on this list, the stainless steel can be scrubbed thoroughly and it will not succumb to rust and water damage for many years to come.
  • The compact size - this unit is small and very portable, allowing you to bring it to a party to make multiple juices for a small gathering of people. 


  • Some users have complained that this machine experienced excess foaming and pulping when processing large quantities of fruit and vegetables.


This next juicer is one that comes from Amazon’s premiere range, with thousands of users attesting to its reliability and the smoothness of the juice that it produces.

This product boasts that it will boost your immunity, with a slow-juicing system that you can use to chew through your fibrous fruit and vegetables - introducing the Omega NC1000HDS Juicer.

The versatility on this machine is quite astounding, you can extrude pasta with it!

You can also churn out baby food, sauces and purees. The masticating elements of this machine run at around 80 RPM, minimizing the heating and oxidation that can ruin the health benefits of your juice.

If you are a vegan, we would recommend this machine, as you can make your own nut butters by simply tossing in a handful of cashews, pistachios and walnuts.

This will grind anything you put into it with complete proficiency. You can even adjust the settings to get the exact smoothness that you desire.

The feeding chute is very accommodating, giving you the ability to throw in multiple fruits and vegetables without having to chop them first.

This will both cut down on your prep time and save you a lot more moisture in your final blend. The dual masticating extraction will ensure that you do not waste a single drop of your original ingredients.


  • This unit will minimize the heat levels that your motor produces, running at a slower rate and squeezing every last drop of goodness out of whatever you put in.
  • This probably has the largest range of foods that you can produce - sauces, purees, yogurts, milks, butters, creams, ice-creams and even baby food can all come out of the Omega juicer.
  • The fact that this product has gleaned so many positive reviews is a testament to how powerful and reliable that it is.
  • This unit has an adjustable cap with 5 different settings that will ensure you maximum control over the look, texture and taste of your juice.
  • This is very easy to use and clean, the solid steel body will not allow much heat transfer. The plastic chute and cup can be easily placed in the dishwasher for a completely thorough clean.


  • The price - again, if you are sticking to a budget of even $100, then you should steer clear of this unit. Remember with electronic devices such as this, you’ll be looking to pay top dollar for the best features.


This next juicer really makes life a lot easier when it comes to feeding your fruits and vegetables, as it actually has not just one but two funnels for easier feeding.

That’s right, the primary funnel is for larger whole fruits and vegetables, while the secondary funnel is for shorter, tougher vegetables like celery and asparagus - introducing the SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer.

The vertical design of this juicer will certainly save on space, with a nozzle on the side that can be adjusted and capped to give you the exact amount of juice that you’re looking for.

This juicer operates at around 30 RPM, making sure that it squeezes out as much organic juice as possible for a fresh and enzyme-rich drink.

The motor on this device is silent running, which means that you won’t have to worry about preparing that smoothie the night before for your morning wake up.

It won’t wake up the members of your family that might be in bed as you prepare your healthy lunch for the next day.

But probably what’s probably most impressive about this machine is the dual chute action, allowing you to basically process a small farm of fresh fruit and vegetables with no trouble at all.

This will be great if you want to prepare larger amounts of juice for your family or perhaps for your pals at the running club after a long workout session.


  • The dual feeding funnels - having plenty of room in which to juice your fruits and vegetables is very important if you want to do it in larger batches.
  • The smooth running of this machine will make sure that you can juice your fruits and vegetables very smoothly and without any excess pulp getting into the final mix.
  • The vertical design of this juicer will ensure that you don’t take up too much room on your kitchen counter, which is ideal if you live in a small apartment yet don’t want to deprive yourself of the luxury of one of these units.
  • The stainless steel and plastic components - these will cut down your cleaning time by quite some margin, giving you the ability to scrub the excess food matter off your juicer, making for a more hygienic unit overall.
  • You can churn up larger whole fruits and vegetables with zero issue, which makes this a great juicer if you’re planning on preparing large quantities of juice for more than one person. 


  • Some users have reported intermittent power failures on this juicer, as well as clogging in the narrow nozzle, which results in cleaning in between juicing sessions.


Our final juicer is probably the most affordable on this list, coming with top-of-the-range features, making it the perfect juicer for first-time users who have a limited budget.

It has a segmented spiral juicing system that will provide you with a maximum level of nutrition with minimum oxidation and no clogging or foaming - introducing the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer.

This juicer runs at 80 RPM, which is a much slower operation, replicating the mastication of the human mouth, giving you plenty of juice at the end.

The heat from this motor is not intense enough to destroy any of the nutrients in your mix with excessive heat. It is also slow operating and noiseless, making it perfect for late-night smoothies and juices.

This is specifically designed to be healthy for babies and young children, not just with the silent operation, but the lack of sharp elements and the easy-to-dismantle components.

This machine precisely extracts the pulp from the juice, depositing the latter into a disposable bin in the base of the unit that can be easily emptied later.

The entire construction of this unit is made for a quick cleanup. The feeding chute and cup can be detached and placed in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

It also has reverse controls that will help you to dislodge unwanted food matter that might get clogged in the grinder. You can also remove the grinder completely for additional cleaning.


  • The safety features - this is the best unit for using around children, it doesn’t have any unnecessary blade elements, so you can operate it on the kitchen counter with your baby in your arms and not have to worry about wandering fingers.
  • This has a very low decibel count, which again makes it very safe for operation around children and won’t wake anybody up in the morning or late at night.
  • You can use this unit for bodybuilding or weightlifting if you need to pack your body with natural and good proteins and vitamins. It will also improve your digestion as well as boost your immune system.
  • The reverse switch will come in very handy if you put in too much vegetables and experience clogging. This will be much easier than having to disassemble the unit entirely.
  • The price - this is a very affordable unit that still has a lot of the state-of-the-art features of the more expensive juicers. It is the perfect unit for a family that live in a smaller apartment and have a limited budget.


  • Some users have complained that this unit suffers with frequent power failures, which will obviously be frustrating if you want to prepare a juice in the morning and might not have time to sort out the issue before you head to work.

The Best Juicers Buying Guide

Buying your first juicer will all depend on the frequency and intensity at which you will approach your juicing.

However, there will be a few basic things that you’ll want every juicer to accomplish, here are a few must-have features:

How Efficient Is It?

Some of the juicers listed above are very efficient when it comes to extracting the juice.

If you want speed, then we would recommend that you opt for a centrifugal juicer, although remember that this might have increased heat transmission.

How Easy Is Your Juicer To Use?

One of the last things that you’re going to want is a simple interface that will give you the maximum level of control when juicing your vegetables and fruits.

You’ll want to be able to do it at the flick of a switch, ideally with a reverse function that will help you unclog any excess matter without having to disassemble the unit.

How Easy Is It To Clean? 

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of a juicer, as food matter can dry and become stuck to the inside, increasing the risk of bacteria as well as impeding the overall functionality of the unit.

Types Of Juicer

There are many different types of juicer that are available on the market, here is a brief rundown of each type and what they can offer you and your raw fruit and vegetables:

  • Centrifugal - These juicers run at around 15,000 RPM and are the fastest method of gathering juice from your organic fruit and vegetable matter. These units are usually very affordable and ideal for first-time juicers.
  • Cold Press - These are the opposite of the centrifugal juicers in that they churn the food a lot more slowly, which results in a lot less heat and minimizes the level of oxidation that can occur in your final mix.
  • Masticators - These come in various different shapes and sizes, from vertical to horizontal and slow masticators. You can easily grind up a whole apple and still retain a lot of the juice.
  • Twin Gear - These are cold press juicers that use two gears to extract the most juice from your single fruit or vegetables. When it comes to nutritional value, these are probably the best units to invest in.
  • Hydraulic - this is another great unit for grinding, having you press the foods into your grinder, which might require a little bit more work from you. This might not be appealing for senior users or users with mobility issues.
  • Functional Juicers - these come in various forms and are operated manually, that is, you determine the RPM with the motion of your arm. This is for people who want to grind wheatgrass and citrus in order to preserve as much of their original organic health properties as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Cold Juice Press?

This is just another name for slow juice extractors. They do not use high powered motors, so the blending is a lot slower and more thorough.

They are known for their high nutrient retention, which will give you that extra boost when you drink it.

Hydraulic and twin gear grinders are different types of cold juice press, the former using a powerful hydraulic system that will be able to handle high quantities of fibrous vegetables and whole fruits at once.

Which Is Better: A Masticating Juicer Or A Cold Juice Press?

Essentially, there is not much difference between the two.

A masticating juicer aims to replicate the motion of the human jaw, compressing the organic food matter very tightly and pressing out as much of the liquid as possible.

If you value efficiency over speed, then we would recommend a masticating juicer, as it will give you a finer and more nutrient-rich drink at the end.

If you are using your juice as an ingredient for something else, then having this pulp-free mixture at the end might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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