The Best Omega Juicers

The Best Omega Juicers

The Best Omega Juicers

Have you been struggling to get all the nutrients out of your food in juicers? It can be difficult to find a juicer that offers everything you need.

With the importance of healthy foods becoming ever more prevalent in our society, most of us are looking to improve our diets with more fruit and vegetables.

The Best Omega Juicers

The only problem is how to get all the nutrients our bodies need to be fit and healthy. Thankfully, the best way of getting these vitamins and nutrients inside you is through drinking juice. A few glasses of this a day can greatly reduce the concerns of many health conditions.

One company that is a leader in the world of juicers is Omega. It produces top-quality juicers so you can get all the natural goodness from your foods without any fuss.

In a world full of juicers, it can be hard to find the right one for you. You don’t have to worry about looking anymore because we have done over 20 hours of research and found the top 5 Omega juicers on the market today.

Let’s not wait around any longer! Here is our top pick!


Omega CNC80S Cold Press Juicer Machine, Vegetable and Fruit Juice Extractor and Nutrition System, Triple-Stage Slow Masticating Juicer, 200 W, Silver

Our top pick is the outstanding Omega Compact Slow Speed Multi-Purpose Nutrition System Juicer.

It never fails in making the healthiest and freshest vegetables and fruits into the most delicious juices. There is no bitter taste left behind leaving you with a nutritious yet satisfying taste.

As the name suggests, this is very compact in size measuring just 16.4 x 6.3 x 12.4-inches (L x W x H) and weighing only 13-pounds. It is easy to move around and should fit in any kitchen space comfortably. This is ideal for travelers or if you have a smaller kitchen.

This Omega juicer is a low-speed machine meaning it hardly heats up when in use and provides minimal oxidation to help promote healthy enzymes and juices that will last longer. This unit is especially useful for leafy greens, carrots, beets, and turmeric roots with a powerful motor to juice everything together.


  • Low speed of 80RPM that decreases any heat build-up and oxidation leaving your juice healthier and longer-lasting
  • Includes automatic pulp ejection so you’re not left with messy pieces floating in your juice
  • Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins from minimum amounts of vegetables and fruit 


  • Due to a smaller feeding chute, you will have to cut larger ingredients into smaller sections to fit properly


Omega NC900HDC Cold Press Juicer Machine, Vegetable and Fruit Juice Extractor and Nutrition System, Dual-Stage Slow Masticating Juicer, 150 W, Metallic

Here is another excellent juicer from Omega that creates tasty juices time after time. The Omega NC900HDC is a sixth-generation nutrition center.

It allows you to juice ingredients like ginger and turmeric providing wonderful juice produce. Not only that but the pulp becomes completely dry so you don’t have to worry about any fruit or veggie parts clogging up the machine.

You can use this juicer with an array of greens and leafy stalks to make highly nutritious and vitamin-filled juices. This is yet another low-speed juicer that uses less energy but provides enough power to juice all types of foods up easily. 

It will leave a small footprint in your kitchen with its compact size of 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5-inches and a weight of just 13-pounds. Want to experiment with other forms of foods too?

As well as making a variety of juices, the NC900HDC also allows you to create baby food, nut milk, sorbets, and nut butter.


  • Built with a large feeding chute so you can place bigger segments of food inside easily
  • Runs with a very quiet sound so you won’t have to put up with any loud motor noises
  • Extremely easy to clean, maintain, and put back together


  • Some components of this juicer are plastic so may not be as durable as glass versions


Omega Juicer NC1000HDS Juice Extractor and Nutrition System Slow Masticating BPA-FREE with Quiet Motor and Reverse Easy to Clean, 200-Watt, Silver

This juicer is perfect if you are looking to take your juicing experience to the next level. This premium, heavy-duty masticating juicer is bigger and more powerful than many other models so, while it may take up more space in your kitchen, your juice could be made in half the time.

As a nutrition center, there is no surprise it extracts huge numbers of nutrients from foods such as leafy greens, root crops, citruses, celeries, and many more.

There is the added bonus of being able to produce nut-based milk alternatives with this machine as well as many more food processing tasks other than juicing. These include extruding pasta, grinding coffee, or even making baby food. 

There is no doubt that this Omega NC1000HDS is an attractive appliance. It has a very clean-cut and angled design which stands out from Omegas traditional juicers. Although it is a premium juicer, it is still very affordable, especially when compared with similar models.


  • Has a very sleek funnel design as well as a stylish modern look to suit any kitchen space
  • It is able to process all kinds of fruits and vegetables so you aren’t stuck with only a few options
  • Includes top-rack dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Includes a narrow chute that requires you to chop up veggies and fruits beforehand in order to fit properly


Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Masticating Juicer, Cold Press Juicer Machine For Celery with Adjustable Dial, 200-Watt, Silver

Here we have Omega’s new flagship model. It is identical to another Omega juicer, the 8006 HDS, in terms of its design.

Although they are basically the same appliance, this Omega MM900HDS model is endorsed by medical professionals for its ability to extract the most juice out of foods like celery.

If you intend to juice a lot of leafy greens, the Omega MM900HDS could be ideal for you. It was made specifically for leafy vegetables and works best by extracting juices from these foods.

It has quite a tight clearance so you are less likely to find pulp in your juice. As it is made strictly for juicing, there are no extra food processing accessories which may be a drawback for some customers.

Despite not having the versatility of some other juicers, this is still one the best masticating juicers on the market.

If you just want juice, be it leafy greens, celery, or any kind, this is a highly dependable appliance that should also last a long time.


  • With an 80RPM slow speed, this juicer works at a very slow speed with minimal heat to produce immunity-boosting and health-enhancing nutrients
  • Includes a special celery adjustable end cap to specifically juice celery which is very beneficial for your health as well as another fruit & veggie end cap for all other fruits and vegetables
  • Endorsed by the Medical Medium for its ability to extract the most nutrients and vitamins from food


  • No added appliances are included for tasks such as mincing sauces or making non-dairy milk alternatives


Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer Creates Fruit Vegetable & Wheatgrass Juice Slow Masticating Compact Design with Convenient Storage, 200-Watt, Silver

Judging by the name, you’ve probably guessed this is a cube-shaped juicer. This juicer is designed to juice fruit, vegetables, and wheatgrass and produce delicious, healthy juices.

We love the fact that this Omega juicer comes with in-built storage. All the appliance’s parts can be stored neatly away in one convenient compartment to leave your kitchen clutter-free.

Not only does this juicer look unique, but it is highly efficient in juice extraction and retaining nutrients to boost your juice’s health benefits.

It is another low-speed juicer to promote healthy enzymes and it has a very compact design so its cube footprint won’t take up much room on your kitchen countertop.

The versatility of the Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer is a true selling point. It can create butternuts and baby food as well as extrude soymilk and pasta.

Like coffee? You can even use it as a grinder for coffee beans!


  • Its new cube design is unique and has less of a footprint in your kitchen
  • Made with a dual-stage masticating system which allows for the most juice yield
  • Its slow 80RPM speed means it’s less heat build-up and oxidation resulting in longer-lasting juice that can have a shelf life of around 72 hours.


  • As an entry-level juice extractor, it’s not the cheapest on the market 
  • Has a narrow feeding chute so you will need to spend more time cutting up ingredients beforehand 

Best Omega Juicers Buying Guide

Which Omega juicer suits you best depends on your requirements and what criteria is ideal for you.

When you’re looking for a new Omega juicer, it is important to consider a range of factors such as price, quality, size, and many more.

Let’s take a look at the most important features and aspects you should be considering for when investing in an Omega juicer.

The size

You should consider the juicer size as those with larger capacities ensure your juicing process is faster and saves you money on your energy bill.

Larger juicers allow you to squeeze the juice out just once as they can accommodate larger volumes of fruit or vegetables in one go.

Therefore, you will only need to use the power once instead of numerous times and skyrocketing your power bill.

With smaller-sized juicers, you will need to repeat the extraction process numerous times before you get the amount of juice you want.

You should also consider the amount of space available in your kitchen and how many people are intending to use it.

Larger juicers will obviously take up more room on your countertop so if you have a smaller space or the juicer will only be used by one person, it is advised you go for a smaller model to suit your needs. Those with larger families should go for larger juicers to accommodate their needs.

The efficiency

It is vital you check out the processing efficiency of a juicer before you invest in one. Those with a powerful motor will perform quicker with a more efficient performance.

You will get larger amounts of juice with just a few fruits and vegetables. The more efficient your juicer is, the more nutrients and vitamins you should get in your juice.

The reliability

As with any electrical appliance you buy, you want it to be reliable. Whether you are buying it for personal use in your home or for business purposes, most Omega juicers will be reliable enough for your requirements. It is a good idea to find a machine that can be relied upon for all of your juicing needs.

Most Omega juicers are made with juice screens that help the appliance last longer while achieving various juicing activities without ever breaking down. The more reliable your juicer is, the more money you will save over time.

The price

As we are on the subject of money, budget is a key consideration. You need to find a juicer that fits your budget. This will break down your options so you won’t have to spend as much time choosing a juicer. However, we recommend that you avoid investing in very cheap juicers.

Typically, these don’t perform very well and don’t extract as many vitamins and nutrients from the food. They are also far more likely to breakdown within a year leaving you with the task of finding another one all over again.

The functionality

Chances are, you have several machines or devices in your kitchen that were quite expensive to buy and can be costly to maintain. Many also take up a lot of room in your kitchen which can be frustrating when you hardly or never use them.

Instead of using a range of devices, you should opt for a juicer that serves different functions. This will cut on costs of using other machines and ensures your kitchen has more free space.

Many Omega juicers have multiple purposes so it is recommended you choose one that meets your juicing needs as well as other food processing needs.

The warranty

Investing in an Omega juicer means parting with your hard-earned cash. The last thing you want is for the juicer to breakdown with no warranty, leaving you with another bill to pay for a new one. 

You should opt for a juicer that has a long-term warranty. If you come across a problem with the appliance, the seller can replace the faulty part or even replace the machine altogether with a fully functioning one.

Fortunately, Omega juicers typically have warranties that last up to 15 years covering their parts and performance. This means you will be covered for up to 15 years in case anything goes wrong. 

The speed

As you have seen with our top 5 juicers, some are “slow speed” machines. If you have patience, waiting a bit longer for your juice shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you’re always on the go and need your juice quickly, you may be better off buying a centrifugal juicer as these will juice your food much quicker.

It is important to remember, slow juicers tend to extract more nutrients and heat up less with no oxidation. This helps promote healthy enzymes for longer-lasting juice.

Juice quality and its yield

As we just stated, slow juicers get more juice out of your ingredients. They reduce the amount of air that gets into the juice resulting in longer-lasting produce that won’t spoil.

This allows you to store your juice in your refrigerator for a few days after it is made and it will stay fresh.

Faster Centrifugal juicers are not as productive and the juice they extract has to be drunk as soon as possible as it tends to spoil quite soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Omega juicers dishwasher safe?

The majority of Omega’s juicers are dishwasher friendly, especially the newer horizontal masticating models.

However, not every Omega product is dishwasher safe so you must check with the manufacturer first before you purchase anything.

How do you clean an Omega juicer?

As most Omega juicer parts are dishwasher safe, they are very easy to clean. Just rinse and brush off some residue from the juicer before running it in your dishwasher. Most of the time, it is best to place it on the dishwasher’s top rack for utmost cleaning and safety.

If you want to wash an Omega juicer by hand, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. The juicing screen can be a little tricky to clean as fibers and residue can build up inside. Just use warm soapy water and a dish brush to clean thoroughly.

It is possible to perform deep cleaning but in order to do this, you should consult the product’s manual.

How do you use an Omega juicer?

Don’t worry! It is easy! First, simply cut your ingredients into pieces that will fit into your feeding chute (Sometimes, the feeding chute is wide enough so you won’t have to pre-cut anything).

Once the fruits and veggies are prepped, assemble your juicer. Use the manual if you are unsure of how to do so.

Lock all the juicer’s parts in place and start juicing! Collect the juice with a juice bowl and place a pulp bowl under the cap to catch the pulp. 

You should then wash your juicer as soon as possible to prevent residue built-up and you’re ready to drink your juice!

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