The Best Twin Gear Juicers

The Best Twin Gear Juicers

When it comes to juicers, for a lot of people, nutrition extraction will be a lot more important than having a juicer that can extract juice quickly.

Centrifugal juicers certainly operate quickly and can reduce your fruits and vegetables into juice in a matter of minutes, but often you won’t get the maximum amount of health benefits from food to cup.

Another issue with centrifugal juicers is the heating element, which can often damage the healthy enzymes that your juicer is meant to preserve.

The whole point in having a juicer is so that you can combine the numerous healthy elements of multiple vegetables in one cup.

This is where twin gear juicers really offer you the maximum level of vitamins and minerals. These twin gears work in tandem to grind every single drop of goodness from large amounts of fruit and vegetables. They are durable and very long-lasting, leaving mostly dry pulp after the end of a juicing session.

Using a three-stage juicing process, pushing the vegetables through the gears twice, wringing out all the essential nutrients, they give you the most efficient juicing process currently on the market. It is a lot slower process, but it is far more thorough, and will certainly give you more value for money.

But where can you find the best twin gear juicers? What materials should they be made out of to give you the best juice and last you months on end? What are the features of the twin grinding system that makes the end product more nutritious? How much can you be expected to pay for a decent twin gear juicer?

Well, we’ve got the answers to these questions and a whole lot more, with our guide to the best twin gear juicers currently available on the market, with a buyer’s guide that will help you decide between the good and bad juicers.

We then finish off with some frequently asked questions about juicers.


Our first juicer is one that comes as a top-of-the-line model, garnering plenty of great reviews on Amazon, which really is a testament to its reliability and efficiency.

It also has plenty of great features that are literally geared towards giving you the highest nutrient content in your final juicer - introducing the Tribest GSE-5000 Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer.

This unit is constructed from bio-ceramic technology that means that there are magnets in the steel gears that will reduce the level of oxygen that gets into your final juice, preserving the rich nutrients content of apples, bananas, oranges and asparagus. This is a company that has thought long and hard about the art of juicing.

This machine is very fast-working and is one of the most versatile units on this list. Not only can it make juices, but it can homogenize your favorite foods, extrude pasta, make sauces and purees as well as ice cream and nut butter.

If you are a vegan, then you can also make soy milk with this product, separating the soy juice from the bean.


  • This machine is very versatile, giving you everything you need to maintain an organic diet, from nut butter to soya milk. This juicer is your one-stop-shop.
  • It is renowned for its grinding and nutrient retention, giving you everything that you need for a healthy boost in the morning before work.
  • These cold press machines can keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days after it is blended, which is perfect if you don’t want to spend consecutive days grinding up your food.
  • The twin gears will ensure a very thorough grind, squeezing out all the juice from your fruit and vegetables, which makes this unit great value for money as you won’t have to worry about getting a substandard juice.


  • Some users have complained that the chrome elements of this juicer tend to flake off after use, negatively impacting the composition of the final juice.


Very much like our previous juicer, this one has bio-ceramic technology that gives you a lot more nutrients per kilogram of fruit and vegetables.

You can select two modes for your juicer, fine and coarse blend, meaning that it can be adapted for both softer fruits and more fibrous vegetables - introducing the Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer.

This has a slower speed rotation than centrifugal juices, giving you a more thorough and richer juice in your cup. This is the perfect unit for health freaks that want to get the most nutrition from their combined fruits and vegetables.

This comes with a very -easy-to-read manual and DVD to get you started with all manner of complex juicing techniques.


  • The dual gears - as with the model above, this juicer squashes your fruit and vegetables through two separate layers of gears that will make sure there is no more moisture left in your final product.
  • The gears can be easily cleaned with a brush that has hard bristles in order to remove tougher food matter.
  • Two juicing settings - you can optimize this machine so that it blends both fruit and vegetables perfectly, giving you the ability to mix both at the same time.
  • This slower rotation will produce basically zero heat, meaning that it will not interfere with the enzymes in your juice composition. This is definitely a unit for the health-conscious who want value for money in their juicer.


  • Some users have complained that some juice comes out with the pulp and the instructions are not so easy to understand.


This final model is certainly one of the best looking on this list, with an entirely stainless steel composition that will certainly ensure easy cleaning and a very hygienic juice at the end.

It will also look great in most kitchens, coming as a very compact unit that can be tucked away in the smallest of cupboards when not in use - introducing the Super Angle Deluxe Model.

There are many different models to choose from, including Plus, Pro, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe models.

The Plus model is the most basic, as it comes with a slow rotating masticator that will press your juices efficiently, giving you the maximum nutritional content from fruit, vegetables, nuts and soya beans.


  • The slow masticating juicer will make sure that you get the most nutrients, vitamins and minerals out of everything you put into the feeding chute.
  • The entirely stainless steel composition makes it not only very easy to clean but ensures that it won’t break after dropping or accidental impacts.
  • The design and material of the cold press juicer also mean that it will not succumb to staining, which is a common problem for lighter plastic units.
  • The range of models available from this manufacturer is very impressive, if you have the cash to flaunt, then we would certainly recommend going with the Premium Deluxe model, which will give you juices that have a smooth and silky texture.


  • The price - if you do device to opt for the most expensive unit, then you can be sure that it will give you more than a sizable dent in your wallet.

Best Twin Gear Juicers Buying Guide

When buying a new juicer, you’ll want to think about a number of factors, both how intensely you’ll be using your juicers and how much fruit and vegetables you’ll be wanting to liquefy during a session.

However, there are a few basic features that your juicer should offer you, and here are just a few:

Does Your Juicer Have Nutrient Preserving Technology?

Having a juicer with built-in cooling technology will be important for keeping as many of the enzymes and minerals intact. Heat can damage these components and result in a less than satisfactory juice overall.

Twin gear juicers have great juice extraction efficiency, so we would recommend that you buy one of these for the premium health benefits of your final juice.

How Easy Is Your Juicer To Use And Maintain?

A lot of the twin gear juicers are slightly bulkier, as they are made from solid steel in order to make the mastication process that little bit easier.

However, some manufacturers have made these juicers in a more compact construction so you can move them around your kitchen.

How Much Does Your Juice Container Hold?

A lot of these juicers come with a complimentary container that you can use to collect the juice at the end of the session.

Most of the time the size of this cup correlates with the amount of fruit and vegetables that the manufacturer has stated that their machine can grind up.

How Much Is Your Juicer?

The price will usually be a good indicator of quality in the world of juicers.

If you have all the money in the world to spend, we would suggest that you throw as much of it as you can at your new juicer, potentially spending over $1000 on a top-of-the-range model.

However, this is not to suggest that anything under that amount is substandard. You can get a really decent blender for you and your family to use for around $500 or less.


How Do Twin Gear Juicers Work?

These operate in much the same way as masticators, in that a pair of stainless steel augurs mash together to extract juice in a few stages.

These rollers pull the fruit or vegetables back and forth to extract as much as 80% of the juice from your produce.

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